Jennifer Leah

Jennifer Leah

Social Media Director

Occupation: Personal Trainer: Studio/ Business Owner: Fit Jeneration Personal Training

Age: 40
Born: New York
Resides; Georgia
Married, 2 kids

Career Background info: 1998-2009
Prior occupations in Healthcare/Medical Hospitals and Assisted Living Homes:
Alzheimer's Manager
Sales Director
Executive Director


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer-2010
Director of Personal Training Dept : at Fit Family & Anytime Fitness 2010-2012
Zumba Certified
First Aid/CPR Certified

Last Corporate Job: VP of Sales at 47 Sports & Sports Reporter


ACSM Certified Trainer
Certified Zumba Instructor
SNBF: Natural Tested Competition: Figure Competitor in Masters Division
Contributing Writer at EyeonFitness & Fit Aphrodite
Covergirl on Fit Aphrodite Feb 15, 2014 Edition Transformation of the Month: Feb 2013

Born a fat kid, was chronically fighting my weight my entire life. I was always looking for ways to keep my weight under control since my Dad was a very big powerlifter and gym buff in NY. Finally settled into cheerleading, and became a very powerful base, dedicated and hard worker. As I was beginning to thin out in 8th grade, I was assaulted by a gang of bullies outside of a grocery stores, in which they pushed me from behind, dislocating my should. From that point on, I was limited with my exercising and ate more. I kept ballooning till I reached 225 on my graduation day. I decided to get the shoulder surgery, and started training and dieting again. I got down to 150 though the no fat, starvation diet and began teaching yoga and jazzercise.
At 21, graduating college, I was at my leanest for me ever, and then met my future husband. I not only gained the weight back very quickly, but when returning from honeymoon, weighed 240lbs. Two kids later, my highest I remember was 376, but I think I mostly stayed between 335-355, but had no scale at home to accurately capture this.
Only the doctors scared me into getting healthy again with saying I will be dead at 40 if I continue to gain weight at the speed I was. My conditions related to fat were killing me. Heart flutters (SVT), kidney stones damage, fatty infiltrate of liver high liver enzymes, asthma, bladder infections, ulcers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, joint issues, rashes, the list goes on and on. It took a drastic toll on my mind and would say the probably worst way to do it, I just cut calories to an absolute minimum to lose weight. No sugars anymore, just protein mostly. I lost, but was sickly, trying to get energy, always feeling foggy. I journaled everything for over a year, but decided this wasn't the way, I struggled to adjust my metabolism, the cardio alone wasn't doing it anymore and the minute I ate more food I gained. I did tons of research for what works for men. Well, men have muscle, more than woman, they can eat and lose weight fast. So, why not me? I decided to not only watch what I ate, but added weights, and became to feel at home with my body, schedule, weight loss and muscles were growing. I was able to lose the fat, gain muscle and quit my job to pursue my dream of helping others as a fitness trainer. I opened my gym studio in 2012, renovated in 2013 all new equipment and train clients 6 days a week now. November 2013, i did my first Figure Competition and will be doing two more in 2014! This ensures I stay in shape and keeps my passion for fitness, a gift to those in need of their health back! Now, I eat tons of veggies, lots of protein, unsaturated fats and less than 26 grams of sugar a day. I am so thankful to be doing what I love!