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Custom Golf Carts Near Me

Custom Golf Carts Near Me

Golf carts are no longer just for golf. Custom carts offer the capability to reach tricky spots that vehicles cannot. Carry Cart in Raleigh North Carolina and Bald Head Island offers the perfect option for long term cart rental just outside Myrtle Beach.

What type of vehicles can I use on the beach?

Beaches are synonymous with dune buggies. When we think of cruising the sands, we often recall a harsher desert environment with large dunes and fine grains.

However, there are many dirt roads, trails, and harder surfaces that allow for more leisurely travel. A custom golf cart equipped with larger grooved tires and a more powerful engine handles these areas with ease.

Ocean Isle and Raleigh are perfect places for using a cart even if you are not at the beach. Our quaint waterfront communities contain many roads with speed limits under 35 miles per hour. Get to your perfect picnic or date spot.

How large can a golf cart be?

We offer several variants of cart with four to six person carrying capacity. These vehicles are powerful.

Still there are limitations on how many people may travel in a cart. Engines are smaller than a typical vehicle. A 14 to sixteen-year-old may operate a golf cart.

Street legal low-speed vehicles

Not every vehicle must pass a heavy inspection to be street legal. Low-speed vehicles must be registered and licensed with the DMV, but the process is painless.

A low-speed vehicle must have seat belts and be able to travel on certain roads. The state limits these carts to roads with a speed limit no greater than 35 miles-per-hour.

We create a custom cart for any need. We even provide help registering your low-speed vehicle with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

Is it better to rent a cart or purchase custom golf carts near me?

Golf carts are designed for short trips taken at a leisurely pace. Golfers, weekend warriors on our pristine beaches, and retirees are prime candidates for a custom cart. If you do not need to travel extremely fast and still want to flexibility in your plans, a cart is perfect for you.

Golf carts are battery-powered vehicles. This means that they come with the same problems as a battery-powered car. Parts fail and tires go bald.

The cost of maintenance ranges from 500 to 2000 dollars per year. We aim to keep costs low at our facilities while offering everything from a quick check to a complete overhaul.

We offer a wide range of carts for a variety of uses. If you are not looking to habitually use such a vehicle, we can help.

Custom Golf Carts Near Me

Carry Cart builds carts to order. In addition to a wide range of available models. We build almost anything to order. If you have a need, we will try to fill it and get your creation up to code.

Visit our website to build your dream vehicle.



Custom Golf Carts Near Me
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