custom Jewelry Tarzana

custom Jewelry Tarzana

Owning jewelry made of precious metals is one thing, keeping them safe is something entirely different. Gold, platinum, diamond, silver, etc. will always be targeted by thieves. Anytime you wear your beautiful jewelry for an occasion, someone somewhere might have bad intentions toward you. If you want to keep your expensive jewelry safe, you need to be smart about where you place it. Leaving it on the same desk or drawer where you keep your costume jewelry isn't a good idea. You need to be creative to keep your jewelry in Tarzana safe.

Top 5 Safety Tips For Keeping custom Jewelry In Tarzana Safe

1) Avoid Obvious Spots

There are so many obvious places were people like to hide things. Places like the hollowed fake book, teapots, and under the rug are not good ideas. These are the first places thieves search for jewelry. You need to make the quest as difficult as possible for them. Putting your jewelry in a place that has many heavy layers is a good way to stall their search and give you and the police enough time to reach them. For example, rather than putting it in a wall safe, put it in a floor safe under your bookshelf. This would mean more stress for you when it's time to use it, but it also means more stress for the thieves that want to steal it.

2) Mind Who You Tell

Don't tell everyone about your new hiding place for your jewelry or about your new purchase. If you're married or have a domestic partner, it's understandable. However, don't go about telling your coworkers and neighbors about your jewelry stash. You should not trust everyone with this information. Also, you never know who else is listening in on your conversation. You may think you're talking to a trusted friend, but someone unexpected might be eavesdropping. Keep the information about your precious metals to as few people as the word few can get. The only person who should know where your stash is apart from you should be your trusty. That is the person who will get the jewelry out of the hidden place if you get incapacitated.

3) Invest In Decoys

A good way to fool a burglar is to invest some money in cheap or less valuable jewelry. Keep these items in a place that is easier to locate than your original jewelry. The thief will be so excited about finding your stash of gold and silver only to discover that it was a decoy stash. If possible, keep two or three decoys around your house.

4) Deposit The Jewelry in Tarzana Banks

Depending on how valuable your precious metals are, the best way to keep them safe might be in a safety deposit box. It is a formal and straightforward way of keeping your jewelry safe.

5) Make Sure They Are Insured

You know how much that diamond necklace cost you and how much it means to you. So, you should be willing to buy insurance for it. Insurance is never a waste of money. In fact, it increases the value of your jewelry and makes it easier for you to sell it.

How safe your precious custom jewelry depends on how smart you are. Be creative and ready to invest in keeping your jewelry safe.

custom Jewelry Tarzana
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