Dog Walker Upper East Side

Dog Walker Upper East Side

lf you find yourself coming home tired or not having enough time to walk your dog regularly and give him/her the exercise that all dogs need, the idea of hiring a dog walker on the Upper East Side might be appealing to you. If so, you can get affordable dog walking services from the most highly esteemed doggy care company in New York City - Benterprise Dog Walking.

Your Dog NEEDS Exercise

When most people hire a dog walker, they gain peace of mind. They believe that their dog is going to get lots of love, treats, and fresh air - with a bit of much-needed exercise to boot. Indeed, dogs that don't get walked enough tend to be anxiety-prone and rambunctious. The energy that a dog expends while walking, running, exploring and playing, can and will come out one way or another. The release of such energy can be a nightmare if you're living in an apartment in Manhattan. It can come out in the form of pottying in your home, chewed furniture or belongings, excessive barking, and more.

Select a Dog Walker You Know You Can Trust

Hiring a dog walker is a great idea, but you need to be careful about who you select to walk your dogs. This is especially true of dog walkers you find online. Many of them become dog walkers because they love dogs, but they aren't qualified to handle all dogs. The last thing you want is for your dog to get run over by a car, to get into a fight with another dog, or to even get lost while in the care of your paid dog walker. Nobody wants to think about these scenarios, but they happen! They happen more than you might imagine - even here, in NYC! You need to know that your dog is well taken care of when in the hands of your professional dog walker.

You Can Trust Us

Certainly, hiring a dog walker is a great way to get your dog some attention and an outlet to release some of their pent-up energy each day while you're at the office. Whether you're a busy professional who doesn't have the time to give your dog the walks and attention he or she deserves or whether you're just tired of other dog walking services that aren't cutting it; there is hope! Benterprise Dog Walking is here for you.

How We Walk Your Dogs

When you hire us to walk you dogs, you can rest assured that you will be getting a professional and experienced dog walker on the Upper East Side who knows how to react to all dog behaviors and all situations. In addition to dog walking, we offer dog training, overnight care, puppy care, and dog sitting. We will take your dog out individually until he or she is comfortable with us. Then, we will introduce your dog to our pack and do pack walks daily. If your dog is not friendly, don't worry! We are highly-trained professionals who know that deep in the heart of even the most anti-social dogs is a big, loving puppy dog who wants to have fun and hang out with other canines. We'll make sure they transition into the pack without incident.

Dog Walker Upper East Side
Benterprise Dog Walking
Dog Walker Upper East Side
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