Fire Resistant Clothing

Fire Resistant Clothing

Sudden fire can occur in an environment where fuel and air are mixed in concentrations that cause combustion. These fires usually last only three seconds or less but can produce temperatures of up to 1900 degrees. Three seconds may not sound like a very long duration, but again, the clothes do not flame retardant. It is lit and will continue to burn in the body of the victim making the most horrible burn injuries. The appropriate fireproof clothing can give people time to escape danger with far less damage and, even more importantly, life.

The importance of wearing fire resistant clothing

Fire resistant clothing is designed to protect workers from brief contact with flames. According to the standard, this type of clothing must consist of outer garments, made from flexible materials to protect the body of the person, except the hands. Additionally, fire resistant clothing should not be combustible and should resist external heat by a radiant or convective source. It should also maintain the integrity and resistance, toxicity and transparency of smoke, and of course, should provide comfort to the user.

Here are some benefits:

- Protection against direct flame, sudden fire or electric arc.

- The majority of the manufacturers of fabrics or fireproof clothes look for, not only the obvious thing, to diminish the thermal stress for the protection against the fire, but the durability and lightness of the fabric.

- The use of cotton is widespread in clothing to improve breathability.

- The best manufacturers use inherently flame-retardant materials, as opposed to others that offer a layer of protection on the garment that can wear out with use and require exhaustive control.

- Clothing collections specific to each industry/sector with special characteristics of them.

Fire Resistant clothing - what are they and what materials are they made from?

Fire resistant materials are the same as those that are not resistant. They are very durable and have an exceptional acoustic absorption since most are made with the best quality. These materials are used for making fire resistant clothing along with bedding, curtains, and upholstery that are available in many hotels for an additional level of security.

How do they work?

If the fire touches the chemicals in the material, it immediately undergoes a chemical reaction in response and helps retard the fire and minimize it by decreasing combustion.

Many hotels and public places are required to use these types of materials in their decorations. These places include hotels, theaters, cinemas, airports, and schools. So it is necessary to have the certifications that guarantee that the tissues comply with regulations.

Check the regulations

The regulations of protection against flame, heat or fire vary, so find out what you must follow to be adequately protected. Remember that the fire retardant clothing is exceptionally particular according to the type of protection that we want and, even, it changes according to the sector of industry to which you belong.

Where to buy fire resistant clothing

At South Coast Fire & Safety, we stock a variety of fire-resistant clothing from the best brands with innovative designs and a good variety of styles.

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