About Us



I named my 2012 SRT-8 challenger "THE WAR HAMMER". My trainer and friend AND OWNER OF FLEX FITNESS Gabe Moen saw me one day coming into the gym and yelled "WARHAMMER!" Soooooooo...

I walked into the gym early the next saturday morning-- I saw my lifting buddies and I yelled "WARHAMMER!" Why? Who knows... but the saying charged everyone up! So I decided to share this feeling with every other gym rat-iron throwing-high rep-cardio fitness-insane peeps who do what we do!

I wanted something Norse/Thor god-like mixed with 300. I looked at a lot of symbols and ancient pictures of things that were pure and reflected Strength and Power but with a clean look. So we took a combo of a few things and messed with the concept for about 6 months... but being former USMC, I have a hardcore look at things with a very simple result: DO or DO NOT! -- LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY. That's the reason our design and gear is simple and to the point, not all confusing with overplayed bullshit gym sayings or Affliction-style drawings... WAR HAMMER says it all in my opinion.


WAR HAMMER was founded in 2012 with the idea of taking the fitness clothing world head on and conquering it. Our clothing is made from high quality materials with performance in mind that is also comfortable enough for everyday wear.  WAR HAMMER products are simple and to the point in their message to Command and Conquer!   We are fortunate to have pro and amateur athletes from all sports advising us.  We have listened and we will continue to listen to ensure we have the highest performing fitness clothing on the market. We use this gear and you will too!

You're invited to explore our products and determine for yourself if our reputation of high performance is deserved.  We're driven by our mission to provide the best Body Building-MMA-Power Lifting-Cross Fit gear available.  We believe that the best way to do this is to invest in our partners and clients.  Need sponsorship?  Need custom sizes? Want us to develop something we don’t currently offer? Need a special color combo? Fill out the form on our Contacts page and we will work together to create one-of-a-kind WAR HAMMER gear to suit your needs.  Command and Conquer!