Mark Sindayen


I always had dreams of becoming a professional athlete. Being a little guy, 5'-4" at age 15 and weighing a whopping 122 lbs, I knew my chances to become a professional in the NBA were slim, but I knew that I was strong and fast so against my parents wishes, I got into wrestling and football. To avoid getting injured I started weight training and it was in the gym and after I met my wife-to-be, Loraine, in 1996 where the seed was planted to explore the sport of bodybuilding.

My first bodybuilding show was the Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championships in 2000 where I placed 6th and shortly after I competed at the 2000 Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Championships and placed 10th. After some constructive criticism and feedback from the judges I decided to take a break to make improvements on my weak points, which as a natural bodybuilder, was not only critical by necessary to build a physique worthy of competing especially when you’re 5’-4” and 154 lbs standing against guys twice your size. It was in 2009, eight years since my last show, when I re-entered the scene and placed 1st in my class at the NPC Vancouver Natural and 1st at the Oregon State Bodybuilding Championships. In 2013, I finally won my first ever Overall at the NPC Washington State Bodybuilding Championships as a lightweight! After my Overall win I was encouraged to go for another Overall at the 2015 NPC Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Championships and despite 18 weeks of training and dieting and taking home a 1st place in the Men's Lightweight Class, I missed the chance for another Overall by two (2) points.

Even though the 2015 Emerald Cup was the highest I had ever placed in my career, I felt encouraged by my coaches to keep pushing and to go for the gold and pursue my Pro Card at the 2015 NPC USAs in Las Vegas, NV. Twelve (12) more weeks of cod and tilapia plus 110 minutes of cardio during the last few weeks later paid off and I achieved my lifelong dream and earned my Pro Card as a first time ever Bantamweight.

Outside of the gym, I love spending time with my friends and family and enjoy activities such as breakdancing, football and basketball and whatever gets me outside of my box. Loraine and I have two beautiful daughters, Macaela (13) and Maleah (3) and we'll be celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary this coming August 2017. Today, I'm a contest prep, posing and lifestyle diet coach to other aspiring athletes while making occasional special guest posing appearances at other shows. I’m currently training for my second Pro show in Vancouver BC and will be competing for the first time as a Classic Physique Bodybuilding Competitor.

Quotes I live by:

"Hard work beats talent, when talent won't work hard, but when talent works hard...better watch out!"

"Be willing to do today, what others won't do in order to have the things tomorrow that others won't have."